Hidden Agendas REVEALED: The Case of the Missing Scroll

It turns out that the City Council agendas have been posted on the City website all along…just not where visitors may expect to most easily find them.

Scroll down!
Scroll down!

After a comment from City Manager Matt Horn on the Geneva Believer Facebook page, the prior article “Hidden Agendas: A Geneva Mystery” requires a follow-up and clarification.

While the most prominently displayed link to the City Council agenda, located closest to the top of the City Government page on the City website, hadn’t been active for at least three consecutive City Council meetings, a second link further down the page has, in fact, been active.

Visitors would need to scroll down to the ‘Download’ section on the right side to find a working link for the upcoming meeting’s agenda for the prior three meetings.

The two links in question
The two links in question

While the prior Geneva Believer article never implied an attempt to obscure the information, it was still an unfortunate and easily correctable oversight that, hopefully, won’t happen again in the future. The City has been working on building a new, more user-friendly website and it’s scheduled to be finally launched in the coming weeks.



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